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Soothing of the Soul

#mergeglasgow 014These words come from a song I wrote.  It’s all about life’s journey as though it was undertaken in a boat.  The concept grew into an installation.
















click to play “Soothing of the Soul”

“Oh the forecast of my life is spread on water which is grey,

and my journey falls between the intermittent loom

of two of the most unlikely beacons.

From Haulbowline in the West to the Kilantringan light

there is a long long trail that is relentless…”


I added a drawer into the hull of the boat I found on the beach.  The drawer was from a dresser made in the Western Isles of Scotland.  It ended up in a field at a garage in The Borders.  From there it came to the place where I bought it as a wreck Glasgow Architectural Salvage.  I spent weeks renovating the dresser it in the summer of 2010.  My Dad’s old G-clamps held together the new joints as they fixed and bonded.  My amateurish dovetail joints – cut from the sides of a winebox; my replacement drawer front – made from a beach-found hardwood drawer front; paint covering the imperfections.  The feet have never been secure.



So Why Fix a Drawer into the Transom?

#mergeglasgow 012On the island of Luing I was introduced to the humble little flower Tormentil (potentilla erecta) which grows all over Scotland.  The digging up of tormentil was banned in the 18th century in Scotland because overuse had led to a shortage.  It was used in the tanning and preservation of sails and ropes for nautical use when there was no tree bark.  So I sowed some to


rmentil seeds and harvested my own crops for growing in the drawer.