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16th Jan


There was a severe weather warning overnight about impending snowfalls in our region.  The squalls are coming in across the Clyde Estuary, falling thickly from this very dense grey sky, and I am on the living room floor in front of a ...

13th Jan


It is helpful to me, when I’m reading, to somehow recognise in the author’s narrative, some excellent thought that resonates.  Frequently it is something I have vaguely wondered about but could not put into crystal clear ...

3rd Mar


Scotland is not Ireland with all that that implies.

17th Jan


I was crestfallen, and not a little miffed at fate for working against me.

28th Aug


Crafternoon Tea? bake-off eat your heart out We were in a marquee too for our Crafternoon Tea!  At the Cowal Games, in Dunoon.  Over 50 children came and “baked” fancy goods with our textiles “ingredients”. ...

26th Aug


Just to suspend your inner judge......and keep going

23rd Jun


These art clubs which are run in many further education establishments - art schools and colleges, are staging their summer exhibition this weekend also, and we will get a feel for the work from that also. It's all very exciting ...

29th Apr


From Kilcreggan to Montreal that was the journey covered on my Merchants of Distant Pedlars trip in September.

14th Apr


The Glimmer of a Life Beyond.  Oil on canvas.  Paint still wet.  Painted from sketches done in Gloucester, near Boston.  All the paintings are emerging with different atmospheres.  You carry your mood inside, but  somehow our ...

7th Dec


a little preview of a section of the new piece……