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17th Jan



I had a flutter on the geegees. I have no doubt I didn’t write a blog about it at the time because I was embarrassed.  But now – almost two years later – I can see a risk-taking in the incident which I can smile at.

I was painting, working towards an exhibition and listening to the radio. I heard the racing tip of the day on Radio Two.  They were rooting for a horse named Carlingford Lough.  That pinned my ears back.

In my whole life have never even bought a Lottery ticket.  I am clearly not a betting person – nor even would I know how to go about putting on a bet.  But how could I not back a horse with a name so very close to my heart, my up-bringing and my artist’s name?  I looked online for a betting website.  Not difficult.  I registered and put on a bet.  I do not understand the odds or whether or not I should put a bet on “each way” or what that would even signify.  I put on a bet of £80 for Carlingford Lough to win in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.  It was taking a punt on myself.  Backing myself.

Just before 3 o’clock I turned on the tv and found the race was televised live.  On my jersey was a badge of my jockey’s colours.  I yelled myself hoarse, standing alone in the living room in my painting apron and messy shoes.  The horse came in 9th.

I was crestfallen, and not a little miffed at fate for working against me, and at myself for wasting £80 I could ill afford.  I resolved never ever again to place a bet on anything.

A few days later an email appeared in my inbox.  It was from the betting website stating jauntily that I had a £10 free bet at my disposal.  I cannot imagine why they would offer me a “free” £10, except to lure me back to the nonsense.  Crossly, because obviously I was lured against my better judgement, I went onto the website and placed a bet on the name of the first horse which was running in any race within the next 10 minutes.  I then forgot all about it.

That evening as I was checking my emails there was a notification from the betting website.  My horse – backed with the free bet – had come in first and I had won, you guessed it, £80.

As so frequently happens in my life I am left wondering…what does it all mean?










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