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Other work

transom on Clyde shorelineSoothing of the Soul


I found the transom of an old wooden boat on the shore of the Clyde Estuary.  That’s the end (the back piece) of a boat.

Friends helped me lump it home.  I painted the plank along the bottom and added the words “The Soothing Of The Soul”. I also looked up the Registry of Shipping and found the names of boats registered to the port from my childhood – names redolent of inspiration:  N347 Welcome Home, CE533 True Light, N7 Free Spirit.  I added these registration numbers to the painted section of the hull   read more


Sea Change Rock 015Jacket of Identity


I found a jacket in a junk shop which had belonged to a World War 1 bugler.  If you wear a uniform, it conceals your personal identity.  You can have stuff in your pockets however which are personal to you, …. so I cut out all the pockets from the jacket and proceeded to embellish it with my own story.  read more…




From Cove Park 2Artist’s Books


Usually the way I work is pretty messy – particularly when I’m painting or drawing.  But I started making some books over the winter months when working at a table near a fire suits me well.  I discovered I could be quite tidy and exact if I put my mind to it.  Some of the books are about a concept, others have my own creative writing in them.  read more…




lookme, loveme salad 2Food for the Soul


One of my heroines – my archetypes – is Minerva, goddess of the household arts.  My environment really feeds me, and I need my homely things.  Cooking is vitally important.  more…





Sea Change Rock

Sea Change Rock 009I worked with the children in Kilcreggan Primary School to develop images to paint on a rock on the Clyde – quite a tradition here.  This was for the Sea Change Festival on the Rosneath Peninsula in 2014. more…

Cove Park Fabric


Installation with a drawing developed at Cove Park residency October 2009.  more…