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Task in hand: a studio to make work....?

LEAVING. Solo exhibition Spring 2017 at Art Pistol Glasgow just finished. Quotes from the punters as told by Ali Smith, director of Art Pistol: "I can't tell you how much people have loved the work." "We have had the most vocal support for this show out of all the solo shows we've had." Quote from Craig Wallace, editor Sogo magazine: " .... me! There's nothing like this in Scotland, this is European Art!"

The sky is thick with Overload
16 Jan


There was a severe weather warning overnight about impending snowfalls in our region. ...

Nursing it to Ourselves
13 Jan


It is helpful to me, when I’m reading, to somehow recognise in the author’s ...

  • Ali Smith, director Art Pistol, Glasgow

    “I can’t tell you how much people have loved the work, Eleanor.  We’ve had the most vocal support for your work out of all the solo shows in the gallery.”

  • Craig Wallace, Editor Sogo Magazine

    “—- me!  There’s nothing like this in Scotland.  This is like European Art.”

  • Donny O’Rourke lecturer Creative Writing The Glasgow School of Art

    A consistently beguiling, confiding, proclaiming voice.

  • Margaret Kerr Fine Art Lecturer University of Glasgow

    You are really raising the bar in all the galleries Eleanor.

  • Michael Durning, head judge 2011 Paisley Art Inst.

    “Your work is really up there, Eleanor, really up there.”

  • Thomas Kelly
    • New Jersey

    “Your work is distinctive and intriguing”

  • Joerg
    • Germany

    “I see a girl rolling yet another world, with others already deflated and a new one waiting.  Very impressive.”

  • Maria
    • Italy

    “Oh it’s a little bit of fantasy.”

  • Cath and Ed
    • Canada

    “We love the poignancy of your work.”

  • Andy
    • Argyll and Bute

    “Turneresque and disturbing.  Amazing feelings.  Thankyou.”